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Päivi Malmi

Head of Unit 1.5.-31.12.2020 

Environmental Policy Centre, Urban and regional trends 

M.Sc. (Geography, regional planning)
email: first name.last name@ymparisto.fi
Mobile: +358 50 3757 114
Twitter: @MalmiPai


I currently work as the Head of Unit ‘Urban and regional trends’. The unit carries out research on urban trends and regional structure, as well as changes in green infrastructure. We develop new tools to analyze the built environment and make predictions on its future transformations. We operate and develop GIS-databases and information systems on built environment.

As an expert I work with GIS-databases and information systems related to build environment. I work as a service manager of Liiteri information service and coordinate the work related to GIS-databases and built environment information systems in The Environmental Policy Centre.

Background and expertise

I’ve studied geography and regional planning, and I have been working in SYKE since 2001 with issues related to built environment and especially built environment information systems and GIS-databases. In monitoring built environment I have focused on land use planning, cultural environment and built heritage.

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