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Päivi Malmi

Project manager

Data and information centre
M.Sc. (Geography, regional planning)

email: first name.last name@syke.fi
Mobile: +358 50 3757 114
Twitter: @MalmiPai


I currently work as a Project manager in the RYHTI-project entity. The RYHTI-project entity is led by the Ministry of Environment. One goal of the RYHTI-project is to establish a national digital register and data platform of built environment data, to be utilised in the decision-making and processes related to land use and building. In the project I focus on the data of land use planning.

Background and expertise

I’ve studied geography and regional planning, and I have been working in SYKE since 2001 with issues related to built environment and especially built environment information systems and GIS-databases. In monitoring built environment I have focused on land use planning, cultural environment and built heritage. Until 2020 I worked as a service manager of Liiteri information service and coordinated the work related to GIS-databases and built environment information systems in The Environmental Policy Centre.

Published 2021-01-10 at 12:48, updated 2021-01-10 at 13:02

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