Joint ICP Waters and ICP IM Task Force meeting 2017 - presentations


#Separate ICP IM TF meeting

Tuesday 9 May


WGE Common issues and reporting Isaura Rabago, Spain, WGE Chair

Current issues ICP Waters Gunnar Skotte, Norway, ICP Waters Chair

Current issues ICP IM Lars Lundin, Sweden, ICP IM Chair

Acidification and recovery

Potential impact of forest biomass harvest on the acidity of Swedish surface waters Stefan Löfgren, Sverige

Trends in S and N budgets of Swiss high-altitude mountain lakes Steingruber Sandra, Switzerland

Air and Surface Water Quality Monitoring System in Moldova Natalia Zgircu, Moldova.

Report on activities in CLRTAP Anna Engleryd, Sweden, EB Chair

The regional assessment on surface water acidification status Kari Austnes, Norway, ICP Waters Programme Centre

A statistical method for detecting artefacts in time series Jens Fölster, Sweden

DOC trends in Europe and North America Heleen de Wit, Norway, ICP Waters Programme Centre

NEC directive - information and discussion on implication for national monitoring and international cooperation Anna Engleryd, Sweden, EB Chair

Integrated Monitoring Network in Poland - current status and future perspectives Tomasz Pecka, Poland.

Heavy metals

Heavy metal concentrations in terrestrial compartments and runoff across European IM sites Staffan Åkerblom, Sweden

Spatial and temporal trends of mercury in freshwater fish in Fennoscandia. Hans Fredrik Veiteberg Braaten, Norway, ICP Waters Programme Centre

Biology responses to air pollution

Environmental drivers of leaf litter decomposition in streams, Andreas Bruder and Julien Cornut, Switzerland

Wednesday 1 May

Species sensitivity to acidification in highly endemic regions of South Africa Londiwe M Khuzwayo, South Africa.

Nitrogen deposition impacts in the Austrian IM site Zöbelboden Ika Djukic, Austria.

Gas supersaturation may cause effects on the biota comparable to acidification Gaute Velle, Norway.

Co-analysis of coniferous forest state parameters and atmospheric deposition data series obtained by ICP IM and EMEP at European part of Russia Ekaterina Pozdnyakova, Russia

Recovery of benthic algal assemblages from acidification - how long does it take, and is there a link to eutrophication? Jakub Hruska, Czech Republic

Critical loads/Dynamic modelling

Soil modelling study VSD+ Maria Holmberg, Finland, ICP IM Programme Centre

Acidification and Critical Loads of Surface Waters in European Territory of Russia and Western Siberia Tatyana Moiseenko, Marina Dinu, Russia.

Thursday 11 May

Relationships between critical load exceedances and empirical impact indicators - Update of N assessment Jussi Vuorenmaa, Finland, ICP IM Programme Centre

Common Task Force meeting for both ICPs

Chemical intercomparison Øyvind Garmo, Norway, ICP Waters Programme Centre

Separate meetings

ICP IM TF meeting

Explanatory notes presentation ICP IM TF Lars Lundin, Sweden, ICP IM Chair

ICPIM database status Sirpa Kleemola, Finland, ICP IM Programme Centre


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