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Multilevel assessment of sustainable oil spill response measures and their impact on Arctic and subarctic marine environments (OILRES)

© Kirsten Jørgensen

The aim of this project is to strengthen forces of two R&D institutes to develop new innovative ways to enhance the biological and chemical oil spill response in Arctic and subarctic regions, and to provide scientific data on their efficiency and environmental effect. The biodegradation of dispersed oil and its biological effects on marine biota will be investigated using representative species from brackish waters. Efficient microbial inoculants and carrier materials will be developed and tested. Advanced methods such as next generation sequencing and genomics and biomarkers revealing early-warning signals in biota will be used. The sustainability and feasibility of the oil spill response methods developed in this project will be evaluated.

The main objective of the project is to develop and evaluate novel integrated options for oil spill response in Arctic and subarctic marine areas. More specifically the objectives are:

  1. To determine oil biodegradation capacity of natural seawater and sediment samples using a portfolio of novel chemical, molecular biological and microbiological methods.
  2. To investigate the effect of dispersants on the natural oil biodegradation potential, and assess the effects and possible recommendations for their use in full-saline and brackish water environments.
  3. To develop and test technologies to enhance oil biodegradation by using carrier elements for the attachment and effective delivery of microbes (enriched from natural microflora) and functional components (nutrients or biosurfactants).
  4. To assess the fate of dispersants, carrier elements, and dispersed oil in the environment and their biological effects on marine biota.
  5. To evaluate the sustainability and feasibility of the oil spill response methods developed in thisproject.
© Kirsten Jørgensen
Published 2016-04-05 at 14:51, updated 2016-05-10 at 13:24