Northern marine litter – developing research and stakeholder cooperation in the Baltic Sea and the Arctic (POMERO)

The POMERO project investigates the occurrence and effects of marine litter in the Baltic Sea and the Arctic region, and strengthens international cooperation, networking and the participation of Finnish experts in marine litter work in the Baltic Sea and the Arctic region. The project is linked to the Arctic Council's marine protection work, the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) and the HELCOM Action Plan.

The aim of the project is to develop, compare and harmonize microlitter monitoring methods in the northern sea areas. Based on the results of the project, the researchers will discuss the most useful methods and practices for microlitter monitoring. Information about the marine litter situation in the study area and its best monitoring practices will be passed on to researchers, policy-makers and stakeholders. Environmental education is used to help people to understand the consequences of marine litter and the associated environmental responsibilities.

The project is divided into marine litter work within the Finland-Estonia-Russia trilateral cooperation in the Gulf of Finland area (WP 1) and the active participation of experts in the marine litter work of the Arctic Council (WP 2). The work packages will be combined with research conducted in the Baltic Sea and a joint seminar for policy-makers.

There are partners in Finland, Estonia and Russia in connection with the trilateral cooperation in marine protection in the Gulf of Finland. In addition, POMERO has links to field work done on the r/v Aranda, environmental education and other stakeholder work conducted in Finland. The project also includes partners from the Arctic Council's Marine Protection Working Group (PAME): Sweden (Hav och Vatten), Norway (Norsk Polarinsitut), Iceland (Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources), the United States (NOAA) and Canada (Fisheries Oceans Canada, University of Winnipeg). 

Published 2021-10-08 at 14:37, updated 2021-10-11 at 13:16

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