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WasteLess Karelias

The project tackles littering and improves waste management in rural villages in North Karelia, Finland, and the Karelian Republic, Russia. We encourage and support local residents, authorities and companies in two Finnish and three Russian villages to improve their waste management system and the rural living environment. We explore local waste management situation and the perceptions, knowledge and potentials of waste prevention and recycling. The project organises local waste management workshops, clean up events, cross border school competition and a Trash-Art Festival.

The project is lead by University of Eastern Finland (UEF) and carried out in collaboration with SYKE, Association for Rural Culture and Education (MSL) and Insitute of Economics of the Karelian Research Center (IoE).

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project news

Building up a ruin to come: why the Russian waste reform seems doomed to fail in rural areas?

News 16.2.2021
For two years now, the project "WasteLess Karelias" has been working in three Karelian villages - Vedlozero, Naystenjärvi and Tolvuja. We carry out specific activities – building collection points for mixed waste, conducting environmental campaigns and working with schools – to improve the waste situation.  Also, we are trying to understand why the ongoing Russian waste reform bypasses the rural areas. At the end of 2020, we published a research article, where we offer our own vision of the Russian waste reform challenges, and recently – a short popularised version of the same article. 


Ecotaxi collected sorted waste in the Pryazhinsky district of Karelian Republic

News 4.12.2020
“Ecotaxi”, organized by the WasteLess Karelias CBC Project jointly with the Calypso company and the Ecodvor project, visited the villages of Yurgilitsa, Vedlozero, Pryazha and Matrosy over the last weekend of November. This was the first experience of organizing an “outbound” Ecotaxi, which runs around Petrozavodsk almost every day. We very much hoped that the residents of the villages in Pryazha municipal district would take an active part in the action, as this event aimed at making their living environment cleaner by collecting the waste that can be recycled.


Story tree from waste materials

News 2.12.2020
WasteLess Karelia project organized trash art workshop in Metka villagehouse in Lieksa at the end of november. As a result, a story tree now stands in Metka villagehouses garden. Basis of story tree was built from recycled wood and old metal net. When basis was ready, old shoes and other items were tied into the tree. Shoes tell stories about their owners travels around the world. But story tree is not complete yet, since more shoes and new stories will be added into it during winter by Metka villagehouse visitors.





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