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Spring discharge measurements in
SEVIRA rivers

News, May 10, 2021
SEVIRA-project arranged a field measurement campaign with discharge measurement specialists both from the Southeast Finland ELY-centre and SYKE in April 14th, 2021. Discharge, water level and water temperature were measured in the
River Rakkolanjoki and the River Hounijoki.

SEVIRA-project's DIY-video

News May 5.2021
It's fun, interesting and exciting to monitor your nearby waters. Anyone can become a citizen scientist. In this SEVIRA-project's Do-It-Yourself-video Matti reflects on his thoughts on following the ice situation on his cottage lake using the
Lake-seawiki citizen science service.

SEVIRA-project was represented
in the river expedition in Russia

News, May 4, 2021
SEVIRA-project was represented in the joint expedition of the Ecocentrum and Friends of the Baltic with the partners. The expedition took place at the end of March. One of the tasks it carried on was to take samples from the Sestra and Seleznevka rivers which are two of the three target rivers
of the SEVIRA-project.




Funded by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland.


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