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Laboratory analysis methods impact on determined riverine phosphorus concentrations

News, March 11, 2020
One of the key issues in SEVIRA-project is to obtain reliable data from rivers. This means not only necessity to carry out accurate measurements but to analyze the samples in laboratories and to compare the possible differences in between various methods used. The main goal is finally to obtain reliable information of the river loads.


Hydrological joint monitoring event was held in unusual winter conditions in Virolahti

News, March 2, 2020
SEVIRA project arranged third hydrological joint monitoring event in 19th - 21st of February. Finnish and Russian experts gathered in Virolahti region to perform winter time hydrological measurements. An exceptionally mild February surprised hydrologists and made to do some minor changes to the planned program.


SEVIRA-project presented in St. Petersburg

News, December 5, 2019
SEVIRA-project was presented for communication specialists in an open event in the House of journalists in St. Petersburg at the end of November. In the event there was presented the Gulf of Finland cross-border co-operation between Finland and Russia. 





Funded by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland.


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