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First meeting of the SEVIRA Steering Committee in Russian side

News 2019-10-22 at 11:14
The meeting was opened by Sergej Kondratyev, the vice-director of IL RAS. Photo: Ljudmila Vesikko.

First meeting of the SEVIRA Steering group in Russian side took place in St.Petersburg on September 9th.

Project manager Kai Myrberg and project co-cordinator Ljudmila Vesikko from Finnish Environment Institute SYKE introduced the project and its main topics: monitoring, modelling and public awareness. The main outcome of the project, the road map and steps to finalize it, were also introduced.

All three work packages and their first results were introduced to the Steering Committee by the leaders of the work packages. The results rose lots of interest and discussion. The Steering Committee members were especially interested in the monitoring programme and about its cost-efficiency and vision for future.

Next meeting of the Russian Steering Committee will place in fall 2020. The project group will inform regularly the Steering Committee about the latest results.

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