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By using the search tool on the right-hand column, you will find the ongoing projects and projects completed in 2012 - 2017, as well as other central projects that have been completed earlier.

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Sentinel mosaics in Finland in national reference grid (FPCUP SGA3 Tier1)

The project concentrates on raising awareness and helping the end-users of Sentinel satellite images and particularly Sentinel satellite image mosaics produced under Finnish Geospatial Platform progra...

Decision support tool for management of the Baltic Sea ecosystem - BONUS DESTONY

Successful environmental management relies on an enormous amount of complex information that is processed further to interpret or predict potential changes and responses. A number of decision support ...

Blue health and wealth from the Baltic Sea – a participatory systematic review for smart decisions BONUS ROSEMARIE

BONUS ROSEMARIE carries out a systematic analysis of the potential and challenges of different monetary and non-monetary valuation methods of marine ecosystem services, and analyses the institutional ...


The main emphasis in this project will be on comparing the performance and applicability of DNA-metabarcoding approaches to traditional identification of routine monitoring samples.

Data sources and methods for assessment of chemical risks in environmental crimes processes (RISTE)

The environmental impact assessment of chemicals is an important part in the different stages of the environmental crimes process. In this project a decision-making tool is developed to assess whether...

InnoForESt: Smart information, governance and business innovations for sustainable supply and payment mechanisms for forest ecosystem services

InnoForESt is an EU H2020 Innovation Project, analyzing and fostering policy instruments and business models for sustainable provision of forest ecosystem services.

Towards ecosystem accounting based on innovations and insights on natural capital knowledge ESTAT-EEA

The ESTAT-EEA project will focus on improving national capacity to proceed ecosystem accounting, show gaps and possibilities in data and knowledge in general and related to the three pilot cases, and ...

Machine vision in environment monitoring (EnVision)

The purpose of the project is to evaluate the suitability of the machine vision, using drones, to identify species in the production of environmental information in land, water and traffic areas. The ...

The Ecosystem Hotel

An Ecosystem Hotel is a place that offers a sanctuary for species assemblages during changes in land use. On larger scale, within this project we aim to develop and test methods for mitigating biodive...

The Habitat Bank of Finland

The Habitat Bank of Finland explores and develops the feasibility of ecological compensations in Finland. Through piloting with stakeholders and inter-disciplinary research, this umbrella project will...

Soil carbon model - Yasso

A dynamic model to calculate the amount of soil carbon, changes in soil carbon and heterotrophic soil respiration.

ORIGIN: Outdoor recreation, nature interpretation and integration in Nordic countries

The project ORIGIN facilitates Nordic cooperation and networking of public and private organizations and NGOs working with integration and natural/cultural heritage. The project aims at increasing the...

Coordinated and Integrated Permitting System (CIPS) in South Africa

The Overall Objective (intended long-term impact) of the Project was improved environmental governance in terms of enhanced service delivery of DEA by simplifying the environmental permitting processe...

Needs Assessment for the Effective Implementation of the Environmental Conservation Law in Myanmar

Objectives of the assessment were three-fold: (1) Carry out a comprehensive review of the Environmental Conservation Law (ECL) in Myanmar and an assessment of existing gaps in its implementation and e...

Potential and Pitfalls of Alternative Approaches to Ecosystem Service Valuation (ValuES)

The ValuES project analyzed the potential of alternative valuation approaches in valuing ecosystem services in different management and decision making contexts. It developed and tested an integrated ...

Fluxes of Terminal Electron Acceptors: Linking Human Disturbance to the Health of Aquatic Systems (TEAQUILA)

In the TEAQUILA project we will focus on improving the state of aquatic ecosystems by controlling the load of terminal electron acceptors (TEAs), besides decreasing nutrient loading. The analysis of c...

Climate Change Indicators and Vulnerability of Boreal Zone Applying Innovative Observation and Modeling Techniques (EU Life+ MONIMET)

The LIFE MONIMET project aims to fill knowledge gaps and better understand the future development of carbon and water balances and their relationship to climate change in boreal zones. It will also fi...

Assessing the role of economic instruments in policy mixes for biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services provision (POLICYMIX)

POLICYMIX analysed economic instruments for biodiversity conservation in a mix of operational conservation policy instruments. The Finnish case study evaluated national and regional biodiversity conse...

Intellectually driven management of natural resources of Green Belt of Fennoscandia, IntellGreenBelt

The project shall provide information support to hunters, fishermen and education tourists, and implement a number of small infrastructure-building investment projects in selected areas. In the long-t...

Nordic nature - trends towards 2010

"Nordic Nature – trends towards 2010" was a Nordic communication project on biological diversity financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

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