The Biodiversity Nexus - Triggering transformative change for sustainability (BIONEXT)

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BIONEXT will develop knowledge, tools, and guidance for mainstreaming biodiversity into policy making and provide concrete options on how to initiate, accelerate and upscale biodiversity relevant transformative change in society.

It will deliver an innovative Nexus Modelling Framework that will integrate scenarios and pathways in a co-production process with stakeholders, while modelling interlinkages between biodiversity, water, food, energy, transport, climate, and health, and enabling simulation of the impacts of indirect and direct drivers on biodiversity. Through its database of transformative change cases, BIONEXT will involve policy- and decision-makers and allows them to explore the concept of just transformative change. Plausible futures and desirable, nature-positive visions for Europe and multiple just transition pathways will be co-created in workshops and focus groups taking place in various cities around Europe.

With the involvement of diverse stakeholders, the BIONEXT Pathways App will be delivered as a novel decision support tool that allows users to explore transformational building blocks, for formulating policies and implementation pathways for the biodiversity nexus. The results will contribute to science brokerage, capacity building and networking to IPBES, EU policymakers, and civil society. 

Finnish Environment Institute SYKE leads the consortium of 10 European operators. The total budget of the four-year project is EUR 4.1 million, of which the Finnish Environment Institute's share is 1.0 million. The project is funded by Horizon Europe, EU's research and innovation funding programme until 2027.

Work packages

Partners operate in six work packages:
WP1 The biodiversity nexus: current and future interlinkages and their drivers
WP2 Triggering transformative change
WP3 Demonstrating transformative change in practice
WP4 Knowledge and science brokerage for IPBES assessments and EU policy
WP5 Facilitating nexus by networking, engagement and dissemination
WP6 Project management

More information

  • Coordinator of the project is Director Anna-Stiina Heiskanen (SYKE)
  • Project Manager Jari Koskiaho, Senior Research Scientist,, p. +358 295 251 312
  • Project website

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This work was co-funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) under the UK government’s Horizon Europe funding guarantee 10039588.

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