Unfolding sense of water: care across boundaries

This transdisciplinary project will create a new boundary concept, ‘sense of water’ (veden taju), to understand, recognize and foster collective care for water.

The research will produce new knowledge on how perceptions of water and its environmental change are embedded in situated knowledge, emotions, and practices, and how narratives, water literacy and embodied practices are connected to care towards water environments.

Integrating science and art, the project is conducted in collaboration with researchers from Natural Resources Institute Finland and Aalto University. Finnish Environment Institute aim is to unfold the varied material and immaterial, personal and interpersonal ways people express care for water environments. Results of the research will be published in academic journals as well as further disseminated through a project closing Sense of Water -exhibition.

Further information

Natural Resources Institute website

Senior researcher Kati Pitkänen, Finnish Environment Institute (Syke), firstname.lastname@syke.fi

Published 2023-11-07 at 7:16, updated 2023-12-12 at 10:47

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