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Project Stage
IDEALE Interplay between National Defence, Security and Low-Carbon Energy Policies: a Sustainability Transitions Perspective

IDEALE is an Academy of Finland fellowship project lead by Dr. Paula Kivimaa. It will connect the research streams of sustainability transitions, energy and national security, and policy interplay (po...

Clean Energy System Transition (REPower-CEST)

The REPower-CEST project will produce a comprehensive analysis of the means of phasing out fossil fuels and prepare a roadmap for implementing the transition in Finland.

Increasing Climate Resilience of Zanzibar with Integrated Marine Management and Sustainable Blue Economy (BLUE-ZAN)

The impact objective of the project BLUE-ZAN is to increase climate resilience through improved marine and coastal resources management and sustainable Blue Economy, in Zanzibar and eventually in Tanz...

Accelerating residential around-the-clock clean electricity consumption through hard and soft policies (ALLTIME)

The objective of this project is to speed up the transition of the electricity system to be completely carbon-free in a cost-effective manner. Green energy transition highlights the need to switch to ...

Evaluating integrated spatially explicit carbon-neutrality for boreal landscapes and regions (C-NEUT)

The challenges posed by climate change, biodiversity loss and harmful land-use are deeply interconnected. The overall objective of the project is to provide top-class spatially explicit information on...

Benthic nitrous oxide cycling in a changing coastal sea (BENNO)

Will the coastal Baltic Sea become a source or sink of nitrous oxide in the future? By using a multidisciplinary approach that combines micro-sensor techniques with microbial functional gene expressio...

Facing system change together: Citizen deliberation in informed and just climate transitions (FACTOR)

FACTOR explores how citizen deliberation can facilitate just and informed climate transition. FACTOR analyzes various obstacles for an agreement regarding climate justice, including individual biases ...

CLIWATE – Cooperation in environmental education with Baltic states

CLIWATE-project promotes environmental education between Finland and Baltic states. The main themes include ways to help citizens limit and adapt to changing climate, practices of sustainable water us...

Sustainable niche for farmed animals in food systems: deep leverage points for change (SustAnimalFood)

The project challenges the contemporary paradigm of production and consumption of farmed animals as departing from its sustainable niche. The project aims to achieve an integrated, theoretically infor...

Enabling demand response through easy-to-use open-source approach - EasyDR

Decarbonizing energy system is the main avenue to mitigate climate change. This project attempts to enable large scale flexibility of electricity consumption at the residential scale, which in turn wi...

Pan-Arctic observing System of Systems: Implementing Observations for societal Needs (Arctic PASSION)

Arctic PASSION is an innovative pan-Arctic Observation and Monitoring action that rises to the challenges of climate change facing the people living and working in the Arctic, and to European society ...

Arctic Black Carbon Impacting Climate and Air Pollution (ABC-iCAP)

The main objective of the action is to contribute to reducing black carbon and methane from specific source sectors impacting the Arctic by promoting national, regional and international collaboration...

Black and Brown Carbon in the Atmosphere and the Cryosphere (BBrCAC)

The main objective of the project is to estimate the contributions of both BC and BrC to the radiative forcing of climate especially in Finland but also in a wider boreal context.

Digitally mediated decarbon communities in energy transition DigiDecarbon

Consortium project funded by the Academy of Finland focusing on twin transitions of green and digital transition dynamics in society. The project focuses on diverse types of energy communities in the ...

Solidarity in climate change adaptation policies: towards more socio-spatial justice in the face of multiple risks (SOLARIS)

Through this project we will produce new information and understanding of factors involved in social justice of climate change adaptation policies. We unravel how to govern such factors, and take them...

Revealing the role of GEOSS as the default digital portal for building climate change adaptation & mitigation applications (EIFFEL)

EIFFEL, funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme, will develop applications for climate change adaption and mitigation by harvesting the benefits of Group on Earth Observations (GEOSS)...

Climate Change and Health: Adapting to Mental, Physical and Societal Challenges (CHAMPS)

The research consortium CHAMPS studies the potential impacts of climate change on health.

Finnish Scenarios for Climate Change Research Addressing Policies, Regions and Integrated Systems (FINSCAPES)

The FINSCAPES project aims to develop new integrated scenarios of socioeconomic and climate change during the 21st century for use in climate change research and policy making in Finland.

Mitigating the impacts of climate change on biodiversity in the Barents Region, BARIMS, 1st phase

The aim of the BARIMS project is to enhance regional co-operation in the light of sustainable development and safeguarding biodiversity in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region. Terrestrial, freshwater and m...

Adapt-FIRST: Adapting to climate change risks in Finland: an Impact Response surface STudy

The Adapt-FIRST project seeks to develop a new risk framework for climate change adaptation at regional level in Finland.

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