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25 years of working for a more sustainable environment and society

Finnish Environment Institute SYKE was established 25 years ago. Our diverse research and expert organisation offers information and multidisciplinary expertise vital to decision-making. Together with our partners, we solve burning questions in society and build a more sustainable future.

“One of SYKE’s main tasks is to produce and distribute information”

Our director general Lea Kauppi has worked at SYKE for the majority of her career. You could say working for SYKE has been her life’s work. Learn more about SYKE’s history and objectives with Lea.

Gifts from SYKE – insight and solutions for a sustainable future

We are not expecting any birthday presents. Instead, we want to share something good and give presents ourselves. Our gifts are a collection of the best SYKE and its partners have to offer. Fruits of our cooperation, solutions based on research, operating models honed over the years with experience, creative insights and bold initiatives.

Join our jubilee and open your present! The packages include solutions for mitigating climate change, sustainable urbanisation and the safeguarding of diverse and healthy nature. We will explain how environmental information observation methods develop and how research data supports decision-making. We will also look into the most recent research findings and the results of our international cooperation.

GenderWave - a digital tool to raise gender-awareness in research and innovation

Developed in an EU-funded Baltic Gender project, GenderWave is a digital tool that invites to ponder questions about projects and project ideas with the help of examples from marine science and technology. It guides towards the development and use of gender-aware research methodologies, for example. GenderWave helps research projects to respond to the demands raised by heterogeneous, pluralist societies. These demands tend to be taken seriously by funding agencies, too. The tool is designed for, but not limited to marine science and technology.

Gifts in English

The treasure trove of Finnish marine data, marinefinland.fi


GenderWave - a digital tool to raise gender-awareness in research and innovation


Role of knowledge in sustainability transition?




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  • Kirsi Norros, communications director, p. +358 295 251 460, firstname.lastname@syke.fi
  • Aino Laine,leading communications specialist, p. +358 295 252 138, firstname.lastname@syke.fi
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