Assessing the adaptive capacity of the Finnish environment and society under a changing climate (FINADAPT)

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FINADAPT was a consortium of 11 Partner institutions studying adaptation to the potential impacts of climate change in Finland. Studies were carried out during 2004-2005, based on literature reviews, interactions with stakeholders, seminars, and targeted research. FINADAPT addressed the following topics: climate data and scenarios, biological diversity, forestry, agriculture, water resources, human health, transport, the built environment, energy infrastructure, tourism and recreation, a socio-economic preparatory study, urban planning, and a stakeholder questionnaire.

The FINADAPT Summary for Policy Makers was released in March 2007 and can be found here [] (in Finnish and English).

This report summarises the main findings of FINADAPT and identifies key recommendations for future research that may assist policy makers in adapting to a changing climate.

FINADAPT Working Papers

In addition to the Summary for Policy Makers, FINADAPT partners have produced 15 Working Papers, a basic Finnish climate data set, a number of academic papers and several contributions towards academic degrees.

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