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Marjaana Toivonen

Marjaana Toivonen kuva



Senior Research Scientist

Doctor of Science, Docent  (Agroecology)

Email: firstname.surname@syke.fi

Telephone:+358 29 5252194

Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), Biodiversity Centre

Address: Latokartanonkaari 11, 00790 Helsinki, Finland



Current task

Research on farmland biodiversity and ecosystem services.



  • Farmland biodiversity
  • Ecosystem services in agriculture
  • Crop pollination and pollinators
  • Environmental fallows



I started as a researcher at SYKE in 2017. My research has mainly focused on the interplay between biodiversity and agriculture: how agriculture affects biodiversity, and how it is dependent on biodiversity-mediated ecosystem services. My research topics have included insect pollination and biological control of field crops, and the effects of land use and agri-environment schemes on farmland biodiversity.

Besides SYKE, I have worked at the University of Helsinki in various research and teaching tasks in 2011–2016, and as a university lecturer in agroecology in 2019–2020. I supervise master and doctoral theses. I also have a diverse experience in popularizing science.

Recent projects




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