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Marjaana Toivonen

Marjaana Toivonen kuva



Doctor of Science (Agriculture and Forestry / Agroecology)


Telephone: +358 50 4664836

Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), Biodiversity Centre

Address: Latokartanonkaari 11, 00790 Helsinki, Finland



Current task

I work as a post-doc researcher at SYKE. My current research focuses on the effects of landscape structure and farming methods on pollinators and crop pollination.



  • Farmland biodiversity
  • Ecosystem services in agriculture
  • Crop pollination and pollinators
  • Environmental fallows



I finished my doctoral degree in plant production biology (specialization in agroecology) at the University of Helsinki in 2016. My doctoral thesis examined the effects of fallow type and landscape structure on plants, pollinators and birds in environmental fallows. Since 2017, I have worked at SYKE.

I am interested in the interplay between biodiversity and agriculture: how agriculture affects biodiversity, and how it is dependent on biodiversity-mediated ecosystem services. My research has focused on insect pollination and biological control of field crops, and the effects of land use and agri-environment schemes on farmland biodiversity.

I have a diverse experience in teaching in university courses, as well as popularizing science. I also supervise master and doctoral theses.



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