Taru Peltola



PhD, Associate professor (50%)

Firstname. Lastname@syke.fi
Phone: +358 295 251 739

Finnish Environment Institute
Programme for Environmental Information

Address: Yliopistokatu 6B, FI-80100 Joensuu



Tasks & Research interests

I am an environmental social scientist studying the politics of environmental knowledge. My research topics include forest biodiversity conservation, human-wildlife cohabitation, food and waste. Currently I am working on collaborative science and knowledge communities in digital antropocene, as well as on human relationships with their living environments and product care. 


Current projects

Public science for sustainable living environments

Collaborative remedies for fragmented societies (CORE)

WasteLess Karelias


Recent publications

Peltola T, Arpin I, Leino, J, Peltonen L, Ratamäki O & Salmi P (2022). Management plans as resources in conservation conflicts. Environmental Policy and Governance, https://doi.org/10.1002/eet.2014

Ratamäki, O & Peltola, T (2021) Illegal killing of large carnivores in Finland: a frame analysis. Scandinavian Studies in Law 67. 

Rubio-Iglesias JM, Edovald T, Grew R, Kark T, Kideys A, Peltola T& Volten H (2020) Citizen science and environmental protection agencies: engaging citizens to address key environmental challenges. Frontiers in Climate 2:24.


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