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Taru Peltola


PhD, Senior Research Scientist

Docent in Environmental Policy (University of Eastern Finland)

Phone: +358 295 251 739

Finnish Environment Institute
Programme for Environmental Information

Visiting address: Yliopistokatu 7 
Postal address: P.O Box 111, FI-80101 Joensuu



Tasks & Research interests

I am an environmental social scientist studying knowledge practices in environmental policy. My research topics include natural resources policy, forest biodiversity conservation,  human-wildlife cohabitation and food.  Currently I am working on collaborative science and knowledge communities,  affects in environmental governance and experiments in sustainable eating. I would like to engage more in art-science collaboration.



Collaborative remedies for fragmented societies (CORE)

Offsetting game - How to study the processes and effects of biodiversity offsetting through gamification?

Politics, practices and the transformative potential of sustainable diets (POPRASUS)

WasteLess Karelias


Recent publications

Kaljonen, M, Peltola, T, Salo, M & Furman, E (2019) Attentive, speculative experimental research for sustainability transitions: An exploration in sustainable eating. Journal of Cleaner Production 206, 365-373.

Peltola, T & Arpin, I (2018) Science for everybody? — Bridging the socio-economic gap in urban biodiversity monitoring. In: Hecker, S, Hakley, M, Bowser, A, Makuch, Z, Vogel, J & Bonn, A (Eds.). Citizen Science — Innovation in Open Science, Society and Policy, 369-380. UCL Press, London. pdf

Peltola, T, Ratamäki, O, Åkerman, M, Arpin, I, Balian, E, Bunnefeld, N, James Irvine, S, Nygren, NV, Palosaari, T, Peltonen,  L, Stadelmann, T, Thomson, I, Von Korff, Y, Young, JC & Redpath, S (2018) Missing the Peacock—Arts, Sciences, Creativity, and Chronic Environmental Conflicts. Polymath 8 (1), 1-15.


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