PlastLIFE SIP – Re-thinking plastics in a sustainable circular economy

PlastLIFE  SIP – Re-thinking plastics in a sustainable circular economy project promotes the implementation of the Plastics Roadmap for Finland (PRfF) during seven years, 2023–2029. The ultimate objective is to reach sustainable circular economy of plastics in Finland by 2035.

The Finnish Environment Institute leads the consortium of 17 operators: Ministry of the Environment, companies, associations, educational institutes, research institutes and the City of Helsinki. The overall budget for the project is 20 million euros. Major part of the funding comes from the EU LIFE programme and the rest from the partners and other national funding sources. EU LIFE programme promotes the implementation of environment and climate change legislation, programmes and strategies in member states. 

PlastLIFE project puts into practice demonstrations, trials, research, development, product design, analysing, communication and campaigning to

  • reduce harmful impacts and unnecessary consumption of plastics,
  • boost plastics recycling and the utilisation of secondary plastics, 
  • develop alternative materials and solutions for conventional, fossil-based plastics

Partners operate in nine work packages, which directly support the actions and themes of the PRfF:

WP1 Management and coordination
WP2 Littering and consumption of plastics
WP3 Reducing the health and environmental impacts of plastics
WP4 Recovery and processing of plastics waste for recycling
WP5 Plastics in construction & demolition and agriculture & horticulture
WP6 Alternative solutions and knowledge network
WP7 Support and inspiration for the process of Plastics Roadmap for Finland
WP8 Dissemination and communication (national and international)
WP9 Sustainability, replication and exploitation of project results

Through the consortium partners the PlastLIFE project operates all over Finland and spreads information, results and best practices to all parts of the country in collaboration with the co-operation network of the PRfF, the partners’ own networks as well as with municipal, industrial and media networks, youth organisations, schools and NGOs. International communication and co-operation will spread the developed and tested practices to Europe and other parts of the world.

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Contact information:

Project leader, Senior Research Scientist Helena Dahlbo, Finnish Environment Institute,

PlastLIFE receives EU funding, which is used to produce the project materials. The contents of the materials represent solely the viewpoints of the project. 

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