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Zonation supporting the implementation of METSO

Metsäsaarake rimpisuolla

Forest patch on a flark fen © Aarno Torvinen

Zonation is a conservation planning framework and software. It is a tool for better decision-making while targeting forest conservation, restoration and management in METSO in a cost efficient way. Zonation helps in recognizing the most valuable forest habitats which are also well-connected to other valuable sites. The programme, which has been designed at the University of Helsinki, analyses spatial data.

SYKE experts help in performing Zonation analyses and producing the related spatial data. At the beginning, the focus has been on forest and mire habitats for which good-quality data are available. SYKE personnel are also involved in communications and training of local METSO actors about Zonation and its application together with broad co-operation network and several interest groups.

Method and the data were published in 2018 Forests of high biodiversity value in Finland – the Final Report of forest biodiversity Zonation analyzes (in Finnish with an English abstract)

Thereafter the work has continued with integrated conservation prioritizations of peatlands and forest areas in Finland.

Zonation experts at SYKE

Ninni Mikkonen and Niko Leikola are the main experts at SYKE in Zonation, especially in the analyses concerning forest habitats and conservation prioritization in METSO.

Kaisu Aapala and Seppo Tuominen promote the use of Zonation in mire conservation and peatland restoration, and work in close contact with the METSO Programme.


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