Cross-border collaboration in maritime spatial planning project Plan4Blue

Final conference 4–5 June 2019

Riku Varjopuro
Riku Varjopuro, Finnish Environment Institute

“In the two sessions on cross-border collaboration we focussed especially in thinking of the next steps ahead. We had first two inspiring presentations, which were followed by a groupwork and discussions."

"It was concluded that the purposes for collaboration should be on exchange of experiences and learning, but also more concrete such as efficient use of resources and coordination of infrastructure projects. There is a constant need of improving engagement of stakeholders, which was a conclusion inspired by Mr. Husa’s presentation. Another clear point for strengthening is in implementation of MSP and cross-border collaboration in that as was pointed out in Ms. Konsap’s presentation. Regarding the latter, there were also a suggestion that cross-sectoral coordination groups that are established for the preparation of the MSP plans should continue to support implementation and for follow-up nationally."

"The group discussions suggested organisation of frequent cross-border or even pan-Baltic forums to follow progress in implementation of MSP and to enhance stakeholder engagement.” summarizes project leader Riku Varjopuro from Finnish Environment Institute SYKE.



Plan4Blue discussion
Discussions in the final conference.

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Head of Unit, Riku Varjopuro, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE,

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