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Siitepölyä rantavedessä, Vaskivesi, Virrat

The cyanobacterial situation is calm, with sporadic observations in lakes and sea areas

In lakes, cyanobacterial observations are slightly up compared to last week, but abundant cyanobacterial blooms have not been observed. In the Finnish sea areas, some cyanobacterial observations have been made in the Archipelago Sea as well as on the coasts of the Gulf of Finland and the southern parts of the Bothnian Sea. Pollen that misleadingly resembles cyanobacteria occurs in places, both in lakes and in sea areas.”
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Butterflies and moths have difficulty adjusting to a rapidly changing climate

Climate change exerts great pressure for change on species and biodiversity. A recent study conducted by the University of Helsinki and the Finnish Environment Institute indicates that the few moth and butterfly species (Lepidoptera) capable of adjusting to a changing climate by advancing their flight period and moving further north have fared the best in Finland. In contrast, roughly 40% of Lepidoptera species have not been able to respond in either way, seeing their populations decline.
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Published 2014-12-05 at 14:57, updated 2019-10-29 at 13:53