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Työntekijä laboratoriossa

International evaluation: Work of the Finnish Environment institute effective and of high quality

Based on a recent evaluation, the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE is a progressive research institute that is widely appreciated in society. It produces research and expertise of a high standard and its societal impact is significant. What SYKE could do, however, is show even stronger leadership as a promoter of sustainable development, both internationally and nationally.
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Leif Schulman

Leif Schulman the new Director General of SYKE

Today, the Finnish Government has appointed Leif Schulman, PhD, as the Director General of the Finnish Environment Institute for the period from 1 January 2021 to 31 October 2025. Schulman will move to his new position from the University of Helsinki’s Finnish Museum of Natural History Luomus, which he has been head of for the past ten years. Lea Kauppi, who served as Director General of SYKE for 25 years, retired from her position at the beginning of November.
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