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August 2022 research cruises: Gulf of Finland oxygen problems remain

The Finnish Environment Institute monitored the state of Finland's marine areas in August. The sea bottom in the deep parts of the Gulf of Finland were oxygen depleted, and the oxygen situation of the deep bottom areas of the coast had deteriorated, which was also reflected in higher levels of phosphate phosphorus and reduced numbers of benthic animals. The oxygen and benthic animal situations are clearly better in the Archipelago Sea than they are in the Gulf of Finland.
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Genetic methods can be used to improve the monitoring of phytoplankton biodiversity

The Finnish Environment Institute has tested the possibilities of using a genetic method to support the Finnish marine phytoplankton monitoring. The eDNA method revealed previously undetected species in the northern Baltic Sea. According to the researchers, the combination of the genetic and microscopic methods would benefit the assessment of phytoplankton biodiversity. The Finnish Environment Institute has published guidelines for the use of the eDNA method in marine phytoplankton monitoring.
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Published 2014-12-05 at 14:57, updated 2021-06-23 at 12:18