InnoForESt: Smart information, governance and business innovations for sustainable supply and payment mechanisms for forest ecosystem services


InnoForESt headline


InnoForESt analyses and fosters initiatives and networks in six case study regions in Europe, with an aim to explore potentials for the development of policy instruments and business models for sustainable provision of forest ecosystem services, and their up-scaling to national and EU-level.

InnoForESt fosters network initiatives in six case-study-regions in Europe:

  1. Austria: Furniture production value chains
  2. Finland: Habitat Bank, ecological compensation
  3. Germany: Carbon certificate for toursists
  4. Italy: Tourism and watershed governance
  5. Slovakia & Czech Republic: Collective carbon sequestration
  6. Sweden: Public and youth forest relations

SYKE works together with the Finnish Forest Centre developing and analysing the innovation of ecological compensation in Finland, and in particular on raising forest owner interest in providing offsets.

As a whole InnoForESt constitutes of six interconnected work packages:

  1. Project management and coordination
  2. Mapping and assessing forest ecosystem services and institutional frameworks
  3. Smart ecosystem services governance innovations
  4. Innovation platforms for policy and business
  5. Innovation process integration
  6. Policy and business recommendations and dissemination

SYKE leads the work package 2 mapping ecosystem services and institutions, and contributes to other parts of the project, including covernance frameworks, innovation factors implementation and upsscaling.

The InnoForESt team leader in SYKE is Eeva Primmer.

Published 2018-04-17 at 16:00, updated 2021-06-01 at 9:52