National environment monitoring strategy & development program MONITOR 2020


The national monitoring strategy of the state of the environment defines strategic targets for the gathering, storage and utilisation of environmental data, as well as means of, and measures for, achieving these
targets, up to the year 2020. The strategy for monitoring the state of the environment is based on the
evaluation of key aspects relevant to the environment’s state and development. In particular, the focus is on monitoring data produced by the environmental administration, the built environment is included.


The Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) has the responsibility of coordinating the implementation of this strategy in the MONITOR 2020 programme. The main strategic goals of the program are:
1) Securing a sufficient level of information to support decision-making and comply with legal
2) Higher quality and maximised cost efficiency throughout the production process for monitoring; and
3) Easier utilisation of information.

The main tool in the preparation phase is value-chain analysis, when we try to increase social impact, serviceability , motivation and effectiveness.

Social impact

  • Increase usability of data
  • Involve communities
  • Exchange data
  • Increase volumes (use, data)


  • Better data availability and usability
  • User friendly tools and and services
  • Integrated services

Motivation & enthusiasm

  • Higher end-user satisfaction


  • More utility with same amount of money
  • Common tools

International activities

The MONITOR 2020 is also linked with the European Citizen Science Association (ECSA) – released in the Green Week 2012, as well as other activities international activities such as the ICT COST Action TD1202 Mapping and the citizen sensor.  Our interest lies also on the Baltic Sea monitoring, especially in the international cooperation in monitoring environment jointly and more effectively, especially in reporting to the European Commission for example the Marine Directive.

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